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African languages ​​and dialects are becoming more and more relevant in translation work. This can not least be traced back to the intensive migration movement of several million people from African countries in recent years. If you professional translators for African languages you have come to the right place with Translate Trade.

Translating African languages ​​- where is the art?

In the broadest sense there are around 2000 different African languages. These will divided into four groups: Afro-Asian, Niger-Congo, Nilo-Saharan and Khoisan. The difficult thing is that some languages ​​and dialects are not in the least similar, although they are often spoken in adjoining villages. In addition, in African parlance Dialect and language are often not clearly delimited from one another become.

These are just two of the many difficulties that arise when translating African languages ​​and dialects. Learn more about in the following paragraphs various stumbling blocks when translating African languages. You will also get to know some peculiarities of the African languages ​​and dialects.

Translation of African languages: difficulties

The problem of the demarcation of dialect and language as well as the often large linguistic difference between two dialects are just two of the difficulties a translator of African languages ​​can face. In the following paragraphs you will learn more about these and other problems in this area of ​​translation.

  • A first concerns the density of good translators for African languages: It is a great challenge for various African dialects find competent and experienced translators. After all, these dialects are mostly extremely exotic forms of language that are not (yet) so widespread in Central Europe.
  • Another problem revolves around that big differences between the different languages: It is not uncommon for these to be completely different, although they are spoken side by side in the corresponding villages and communities in Africa. The variety of different dialects and languages ​​is almost infinite. Language and dialect are often very difficult to distinguish from one another. This makes the search for competent translators even more difficult.
  • As different as the individual languages ​​can be, they have one thing in common: the complex vocabulary. This also demands a lot from the translator concerned.
  • The biggest hurdle arises from the partial lack of writing of individual African dialects and languages: The pure speech language in some dialects and languages ​​makes translation an absolute challenge, even for experts.

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Where there are difficulties in translation, there are also peculiarities. See below what makes the African languages ​​so special, among other things.