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Inspiration for your Shopify shop: The 60 most inspiring and successful shops

Starting an online business can be intimidating. There are so many things to take care of, such as: B. plain and simple how not to go bankrupt or how to optimize your landing pages. But let's ignore these things for now. Today we've put together a list of 60 great examples to inspire you for your own Shopify shop.

All of them are successful e-commerce companies. Each and every Shopify store presented here has found its own path to success, with the term success having a different meaning for each of them.

We have highlighted the greatest successes of the individual shops (mostly monetary) below. These range from top-class customers like Ben Affleck to investments in the millions to six-figure sales. We hope that some of our examples will give you the inspiration you need to start your own online business. Here we go!

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The best Shopify stores for clothing

Negative underwear

The aim of this company is to help women feel comfortable in their own bodies. However, you do not rely on push-up pads or bows. The concept seems to be working, because sales of this Shopify store increased by 150% just a few years after it was founded. The company has been recognized by renowned publications such as Forbes, Vogue and the Wall Street Journal for making a place for itself in the industry and bridging the gap between functionality and design.


Unconditional's web design is just impressive. It's simple, but still eye-catching. This Shopify shop was founded in London and is now 11 years old. Unconditional describes itself as “a successful combination of casualness and eccentricity”.


This Shopify shop is bold, big, and just plain elegant. With his calm photo style, he manages to communicate a calming message that runs through the entire design of the shop. Based in Sydney, Australia, this retailer secures a spot on our list of the most eye-catching Shopify apparel stores.


This Shopify store had to make a place on our list with its fashionably luxurious lingerie and sleepwear collections. Bluebella's designs reflect a modern take on lingerie. The company uses unusual fabrics and moldings to create breathtaking new silhouettes. The subtle colors of the elegant lingerie are just one of the things that make this shop so special.

Taylor stitch

Taylor Stitch opened its Shopify store in 2010, selling bespoke menswear. The company's aim is to make sophisticated clothing affordable. This Shopify store creates a bond with its customers by encouraging them to tell their individual stories.

Over the years, clients have shared amazing stories and pictures of fishing trips, motorcycle accidents, hurricane cleanups, and weddings. Taylor Stitch's sales have tripled each year since launch. Just three years after its inception, the company had sales of $ 1.5 million and continues to grow.


This swimwear collection was launched in 2012 by an Australian couple. Erin Deering, one of the founders, had a serious problem: She couldn't find a bikini that she liked and was affordable. This is how the idea for this Shopify shop came about.

By the end of TRIANGL's first year, the company was already generating over $ 5 million. In the following year, this Shopify shop, which is now one of the most successful, earned five times as much at $ 25 million. TRIANGL offers simple and sporty styles made of eye-catching neoprene fabric.

HELM Boots

HELM was founded in Austin, Texas, in 2009 and is all about classic style with a versatile, modern perspective. The everyday shoes and work boots from HELM are produced in the USA, where all materials for production are also obtained. This is how the label stands out from the competition with its claim “100% made in the USA”.

The young shoe retailer set his course for success early on and is now receiving orders from celebrities like Ben Affleck. Since its inception in 2009, this Shopify store has been dedicated to making handcrafted leather boots and shoes with pride, care, and passion.


This shop offers baby clothing with comfort, style and practicality in mind. The business was founded in 2016 with the idea of ​​designing clothes for daily living and play. That is why this Shopify store pays special attention to practical shapes with soft, natural and versatile fabrics.

Yoga rebel

This Shopify store showcases some of the most eye-catching yoga apparel lines on the market. The company scores with a variety of styles, patterns and colors, including animal and floral prints. The innovative label also offers maternity wear, hoodies, yoga mats and many other products.

Marc If

All products are designed by Marc Wenn in London. The brand mainly focuses on shoes, watches and backpacks. Marc Wenn advises doing a lot of things that cannot be scaled, but contribute to the sustainable success of a business, especially in the initial phase. For example, if you personally email the first 100 customers to say thank you, it will have a positive effect for every company. It was exactly the same for this Shopify shop.


Charnos is a Shopify store that mainly sells lingerie. However, not only beautiful and elegant women's underwear are designed here. In addition, it is also a declared goal to create bras with the perfect fit. This Shopify store ensures that its products meet the needs of the modern, fashion conscious women to provide them with the support and convenience they need.

Khara Kapas

Kharakapas, means "pure cotton". The brand sells handcrafted boutique clothing inspired by the culture of India. The clothing combines an understanding of the elegance of cotton, earthy colors, versatile prints and minimalist design that celebrate an uninhibited style. Khara Kapas products are made locally in India with delivery worldwide. Using its take on tradition, this Shopify store generates over $ 1,500 in sales per day.


This Shopify store aims to enable women to look great at work and be comfortable at the same time. Their bright blazers and floral jackets are real eye-catchers. With so many choices, this Shopify store does a great job for women who just want to look their best in the workplace (or outside).

SoYoung Inc

This bag brand for mothers and their children earns 25% of their sales through their Shopify stores. Thanks to direct sales, the profit margins on the sales generated through this are significantly higher. The company's Shopify website has a wide variety of different collections for adults, children, and babies.


An amazing women company that sells underwear made specifically for the period is making great strides and a lot of money. This Shopify shop raised $ 130,000 in crowdfunding in 2014 and has grown 23-fold since then.


Gymshark was founded in 2012 by teenage Ben Francis and some of his school friends. Since then, the brand has grown from a small screen printing business in a garage to one of the fastest growing and best-known brands in the fitness field. This Shopify shop is an online fitness clothing and accessories retailer based in the UK. The brand is supported by over 3 million highly committed social media followers and customers from 131 countries.

The Candi Factory

With its minimalist design and simple structure, this Shopify shop is also worth mentioning. According to the motto “simple elegance”, the brand works with colors and motifs, whereby you create your own identity and at the same time stand out in the market. All in all, the minimalist design matches the products on offer, which seem to be full of life.

Best online shops for accessories


This trendy Shopify store doesn't shy away from adding a little color to its sunglasses collection. Despite only a few navigation options, a number of collections are offered here, including sunglasses for autumn, for winter, classics and more.

Wolf Circus

Wolf Circus is a Shopify store with a collection of fine jewelry products made in Vancouver, Canada. All products are handcrafted or cast using the lost wax technique. Either recycled sterling silver or recycled bronze is used, which in turn is coated with high-quality 14k gold plating. This Shopify store markets itself as "Affordable Luxury". The brand has gained recognition for its accessories, which are known to be made with great quality and great attention to detail.


This Shopify shop has a very simplified design with only a few navigation options. The element that sets him apart is his photography. They describe themselves as a “modern nostalgic jewelry brand”. Based in Toronto, each piece is handcrafted using materials such as elegant composite metals and natural stones.

WP standard

WP Standard was awarded the Shopify Design Award in 2013, which gave the shop a strong presence among its target group - the design and quality-conscious tech crowd. The brand is one of the best examples of how design can go a long way in making a Shopify website successful.

Sunday Somewhere

This Shopify store was developed by Dave Allison in late 2010 but has since gained worldwide acclaim. The premium eyewear brand focuses on quality, simplicity and originality in its strategy.

MinaalMinaal sells high quality travel gear for digital nomads. It was started by two innovative New Zealand entrepreneurs who realized how dissatisfied they were with their travel gear. The result: The two quit their jobs to develop their own solutions. In December 2015, they launched a second Kickstarter campaign and raised $ 707,631 from over 2,400 people.

The goal of the campaign was only $ 10,000. This Shopify store is a great example of a company with a long-term goal that puts the travel experience first.

Watch outfitter

The company was founded by a 17 year old who had a knowledge of watches and a passion for jewelry. At the end of the first year, this Shopify store was already generating $ 13,500 in monthly sales. The brand sources its watches from various suppliers in the USA, Europe and Asia. This enables the company to offer high quality materials and designs at wholesale prices.

Michael Nelson

This trendy Shopify shop made it into the 2018 list of the top 10 creative Shopify stores. And yes, the brand lived up to all expectations. With its fancy colors and designs, it's hard not to be amazed by the creativity behind this great Shopify store.


This British luxury watchmaker is a Shopify example of an award-winning company that makes beautifully crafted chronometers. The annual production is approx. 8,000 - 10,000 pieces. In 2017, the company garnered attention as it grew its profits to £ 14 million.

Nerd wax

Nerdwax is a purely natural and organic beeswax. The company turned down two offers from Shark Tank, the American equivalent of "Den of the Lions". This Shopify store is definitely doing something right, having generated over $ 1 million in total sales to date.

The best Shopify shops for cosmetics

KKW Beauty

KKW, Kim Kardashian's hugely popular beauty brand, has caused a sensation with its notoriety. Due to the regular sales campaigns, the products are not only very high quality, but often sold out within a few minutes. KKW is definitely one of the leading Shopify shops for cosmetics.

Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics, the hugely popular cosmetics company, uses Shopify for their amazing online store. Kylie Cosmetics has regular flash sales that are among the largest on the internet. This is another example of a Shopify store where products sell out within minutes.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Jefree Star Cosmetics is the cosmetics brand of Jefree Star, an American make-up artist, fashion designer and model. With a website look all in pink, Jefree Star Cosmetics offers its customers a variety of holiday and special offers. The brand also impresses with free shipping in the US for products over $ 100. Jefree Star Cosmetics is probably one of the most popular Shopify shops for make-up and cosmetics.

Concrete Minerals

This Shopify shop, founded in 2009, is all about the development of high-quality vegan cosmetics with a unique touch. The motto here is “less is more” - fewer ingredients, more pigments. The brand is committed to not using parabens or preservatives in their products. They are also 100% gluten free. Based in Southern California, they offer free shipping on all orders over $ 50 - worldwide.

NCLA Beauty

This Shopify store has a wide variety of nail products and other cosmetic products such as jelly balms and lipsticks. What is definitely interesting about the website is the eye-catching design. The brand literally hit the nail on the head.


Eric Bandholz built an online beard grooming business. In less than a year, the company generated $ 120,000 in monthly sales. Beardbrand's email list also quickly grew to over 7,000 subscribers.

The best Shopify stores for health and beauty


Flex is an alternative to tampons. The great thing about it: It allows women to be sexually active during their periods. With this innovative business idea, the Shopify store was able to raise capital of $ 4.6 million in the first half of 2016 alone.

SkinnyMe Tea

The Australian company sells all-natural detox teas. The company was founded in 2012 and aims to help people achieve their health and wellness goals. In just 9 months after the launch of this Shopify shop, monthly sales of $ 600,000 were achieved.


In 2016, Bootea began its triumphal march in the nutrition and lifestyle scene with its detox tea. With one of the best-marketed Instagram products, this Shopify shop is run by several national retailers and has 1 million customers worldwide.

Little Sparrow Tea

Little Sparrow Tea is a boutique tea company based in London. The company's goal is to create authentic and wonderful tea experiences. The brand offers a select number of teas, including white, black, and green tea, as well as several

Happiness Abscissa

The Happiness Abscissa (Ha) is all about happiness. In line with its brand philosophy, The Ha is a subjective scale that includes neurobiology and sensory elements that can be optimized to increase general wellbeing. This Shopify store is another very well-designed example that you can take inspiration from.

Skinny Teatox

Skinny Teatox is a 100% natural detox tea program that promotes health and weight management. With its undeniably appealing website design, this Shopify store was included in the list of the top 40 ecommerce stores to be built with Shopify. All ingredients in Skinny Teatox are 100% natural. No chemicals or preservatives are used here. Ingredients include: tea leaves, senna leaf, ginseng, chrysanthemums, cinnamon bark, cloves, rhubarb, ginger and more.

Press London

PRESS founders Georgie and Ed developed a love for cold pressed juices and used them as a convenient, delicious and healthy part of their diet. This Shopify shop offers a source of daily enjoyment with its juices. In addition, customers can use the juices to ensure that they are getting much-needed nutrients.


Nutriseed is a Shopify store with a real passion for nutrition.The brand has grown exponentially in recent years, from humble rural beginnings to a modern manufacturing facility. A practical approach is followed, whereby complete control over the quality of the products remains in your own hands from start to finish. The company has 40,000 followers on Instagram and sells over 200 products every day.

Cookbook Village Cookbook Village originally sold cookbooks on eBay and is now thriving on Shopify. The founders have a marketing background and have used blog, email marketing and Google AdWords to optimize their business for success.

Best online stores for electronic accessories and gadgets

Quad lock

Quad Lock is a Shopify store that launched in Australia in 2011. With this gadget and many available attachment options, you can attach your smartphone safely and conveniently to your bike, car or arm. Since its launch, the Quad Lock bike mount has been adapted for a number of different uses, including a wall mount, belt clip, and tripod adapter.

Master and Dynamic

Master and Dynamic high quality headphones for music enthusiasts. The products from this Shopify shop are part of the headphone market with a potential of $ 1 billion and compete with the industry giant Beats by Dre.

Studio Proper

This Shopify store is a product design studio based in Melbourne, Australia. The brand defines itself as "focused on simplifying technology for daily interactions - in a beautiful and minimalist way". The products offered include mounting solutions for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, table stands, travel accessories, wall mounts and much more. The company keeps its website design simple and minimal.

Studio Neat

Studio Neat uses Kickstarter to fund its product ideas. In 2016, the company launched a new smartphone tripod campaign that grossed nearly $ 210,000 in 30 days. The goal was just $ 50,000.


This Shopify store secures a spot on our list with its trendy tech accessories. Based in Los Angeles, the brand designs all of its iPhone cases in-house. The interesting thing is that they work with very elaborate and lively designs that are applied to iPhone cases of all shapes and sizes. The result is an almost infinite range of products.

Shopify Store Examples for Home & Furniture

St. Frank

This Shopify store sells beautiful, handcrafted decor. When it comes to decorating your home, you will find it here. The offer is rounded off by a website with an elegant design. From pillows to dishes, this Shopify store has all kinds of accessories for a beautiful home.


Mignon is a small online boutique that started out as a retailer of kitchen products but then expanded to include other types of housewares and party items. This shop occupied a prominent place on the list of 25 inspiring Shopify shops.


This Shopify store impresses with its modern design that perfectly matches its products. Each product page is accompanied by a detailed description as well as large pictures and a portrait of the product designer. It's definitely one of Shopify's top stores for looks.

Floor plan

This top Shopify store is all about rugs, rugs, and more rugs. Here you will not only find a large selection from which you can choose your favorite carpet. You also have the option of having an individually designed carpet made - just as you always imagined it for your home.

Au Lit Fine Linens

This Shopify shop wants to "change sleeping habits and improve the quality of life". The shop offers a wide range of bed linen, pillows, duvets and other bathroom and comfort products. The great thing about this Shopify store is that it has a valuable tips and advice section to keep its customers informed.

Wrightwood Furniture

Wrightwood Furniture started out as a retail store in Chicago. Today the company generates over 12% of its sales with its Shopify shop. The online store also acts as a lead generator for sales in the company's physical locations.

Best Online Stores: Some More Great Shopify Stores

Luxy hair

Luxy Hair is a Shopify store known for creating clip-in hair extensions that thousands of women around the world use every day. They instantly add length, volume and allow users to experiment with color without damaging the hair. The brand's website scores with a hair blog, transformation videos, information about their history and products, and much more content.

Canada Icons

Canada Icons is a Shopify online store and museum that sells Canadian brands and merchandise. The company focuses on storytelling and prides itself on its Canadian heritage.


Pipsnacks sells healthy snacks and is a success story of Shark Tank, the American equivalent of "The Lions Den". The initial investment through Shark Tank was US $ 200,000 in 2013. In 2014, the company had sales of US $ 800,000 and was able to increase this by a good 800% in the following year.

Pure cycle

The bicycle industry is worth $ 6 billion. In 2012, Pure Cycle, then known as the Pure Fix Cycle, sold over 2,000 bikes and earned nearly $ 4 million.


Tattly began as a sideline for designer Tina Roth-Eisenburg. Today it is a growing temporary tattoo business. In 2015, this Shopify store shipped 2.6 million temporary tattoos valued at $ 5-15 per sale.

Leather Head Sports

Leather Head Sports founder Paul Cunningham had such success selling his sports leather goods that he had to switch from Etsy to Shopify. He has never regretted this step.

Craft and Mason

This company sells specialty coffee and delivers it directly to their customers' homes. From day one, the founders concentrated on the effective use of their budget and on offering their customers real added value.


Which of these Shopify stores did you like the most? Which of the shops inspired you the most to really get started with your shop? The Shopify stores presented here differ in their successes, but are all great sources of inspiration for success in e-commerce. Most of these examples are making thousands of dollars each month from their products. Some of them can even boast famous clients like Ben Affleck. Maybe we could as part of our next listing yours Introduce the shop. So why wait a long time? Get started with your own online shop now and get it up and running in less than 30 minutes.

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