What is the best brand for male underwear

Underwear guide: how men find the right underpants

For a long time the results of a survey haunted the press, according to which every third pair of men's underpants is bought by women. This has little to do with today's reality: four out of five men buy their underpants themselves. Every second even happily, according to the latest consumer survey by the industry magazine “TextilWirtschaft”. Celebrities like Mark Wahlberg for Calvin Klein and David Beckham for H&M have given lingerie sales a steady boost.

The modern man has an average of 23 underpants in his closet. Ascending trend. But there are also men who have sworn allegiance to the same type of underwear - and in some cases also to the brand - for 30 years, as press spokesman Thorsten Rolfes from the market leader C&A reports. Many men therefore rely on classics in the underwear market and are not very open to modern cuts, materials and added refinements. There have long been good inventions for the perfect fit, the comfortable fitting and the all-rounder in everyday life.

1. Are modern synthetic fibers better than cotton?

“Definitely,” says Hildegard Schiffmann-Bürschgens from the Lower Rhine University of Textile and Clothing Technology. “Cotton has the unpleasant property of absorbing up to 60 percent of its weight in moisture. And moisture binds odors. ”A mix of modern materials such as polyester, polyamide and elastane - possibly combined with cotton and viscose - can be a breathable and light alternative here. This mix quickly absorbs body sweat and releases it to the outside. By the way, if you find the name Lycra on the label: This is nothing more than the brand name for elastane from the chemical company DuPont.

Another good invention for the man