Gives Albania citizenship through investments

Embassy of the Republic of Albania in Berlin

A) Acquisition of citizenship by birth

Every child born outside the Albanian national territory automatically acquires Albanian citizenship through descent from a parent of Albanian nationality.

In order to register the birth of the child, the parents should audition at the embassy and present these documents:

- the child's birth certificate;

- Declaration of consent of the non-Albanian parent for the acquisition of Albanian citizenship for his child.

Both documents should be authenticated by the respective competent authorities.

B) Acquisition of citizenship through naturalization

Albanian citizenship is acquired through naturalization if these legal requirements are met:

1. completion of the 18th year of life;

2. Legally permanent resident of the Albanian state for at least 5 years;

3. A flat in Albania and sufficient income;

4. No previous conviction to imprisonment of not less than 3 years, unless the punishment was motivated by self-political reasons;

5. Basic knowledge of the Albanian language;

6. The security of the Republic of Albania will not be violated.

Note: The Republic of Albania allows dual citizenship, so a foreign citizen does not have to give up existing citizenship.

The necessary documents for the acquisition of citizenship through naturalization

1. Application to the Albanian President. The application should contain this information: Complete personal data (first name, surname, date of birth, place of birth, nationality); Address of permanent residence and, if applicable, postal address; Reason for application. The application should be signed by the applicant stating the first and last name;

2. Written assessment of the Albanian language skills from the officer who receives the documents;

3. Original birth certificate and legalized by the embassy;

4. Residence permit in the Republic of Albania in accordance with the criteria of the Citizenship Act (certified copy) if resident in Albania;

5. Title deed or Lease contract for the apartment (certified copy) if you live in Albania;

6. Employment contract if an employee or confirmation from the tax authorities, if self-employed or investor (certified copy);

7. Proof of subsistence, such as bank deposit, savings account, official proof of income (certified copy);

8. Certificate of good conduct from the country of origin and from the country in which the applicant has legally resided in the last 6 months;

9. Asylum seeker card if the applicant is an asylum seeker (certified copy);

10. Written assessment of the relevant police station on the conduct of the applicant if resident in Albania;

11. Photo of the applicant, 3 passport photos of themselves (and photos of the children, if they are minors);

12. Certificate - if necessary - to confirm the applicant's Albanian ancestry up to the 2nd degree, also from a parent;

Fees for applying for citizenship through the embassy

For this service, an amount of € 30 must be paid to the account or message for consular services and the proof of payment must be presented together with the other documents. Payment is non-refundable.