What are Apple's goals and objectives

watchOS 7 finally lets you customize all of the rings

WatchOS 7 is still being released today, bringing the sleep tracker and other innovations with it. It was not until yesterday that Apple surprisingly published the Golden Master for developers, thus getting in the mood for the start. Unusually, Apple also integrated new possibilities that weren't there before.

Change activity goals at will with watchOS 7

So far, you could already adjust the exercise goal or the kilocalories for it and thus influence at least one of the activity rings. This is important because not everyone is the same and you can set yourself exercise goals. For some people the presets are too high or too low. It was therefore always surprising that you cannot set the standing goal and training goal individually. At least that was the case until watchOS 6 and the last beta of watchOS 7.

Surprisingly, you can adjust all three rings in the final version of watchOS 7. So you can adjust your exercise goal from 10 kilocalories to well over 5,000 kilocalories. You can set a value between 10 and 60 minutes for the training goal. With the standing goals, however, Apple gives even less scope for adjustments. Values ​​between six and twelve hours are possible there.

To change the values, however, you need watchOS 7, which will be provided in the course of the evening. Then you can open the Activities app on your Apple Watch and scroll down to the very bottom. There you will see the entry "Change goals". Tap on it and adapt the three goals individually to your preferences and possibilities. Then, depending on the selection, it should be easier or, as an incentive, a little more difficult to achieve the set goals.

Are you going to change Apple's defaults or are you happy with them? Let us know.