We think big heads

Do great minds really think alike? [closed]

I agree that the most likely answer is "maybe" and claim that it depends on how much of our culture is based on our evolution. Websters says that culture is "the usual beliefs, social forms and material characteristics of a racial, religious or social group; also: the characteristic characteristics of everyday life (as a distraction or way of life) that people in a place or in a country share time. " (Not the first definition, but the first that isn't primarily about art or petri dishes) Your question is that human cultures are common subjects and Have objects . For me these are very different noun sentences with different dependencies on physical evolution.

Various questions yourself:

As AndreiROM said, we are two-legged, two-armed, fingered and toe-shaped beings; Will other creatures with the same limbs and digits create the same objects - basic tools and clothing? At first glance, this seems like an obvious yes, but the more you look at the breadth of human history (everything takes place after we are officially evolved into our current form), the less certain it seems: Would the ancient Romans make our clothes recognize as similar to them? ? Would tropical people know what to do with the tools and clothing of arctic people? The street clothes of modern American women are more scandalous than the underwear of American women 150 years ago - the likelihood of being in common with beings from a completely different planet seems slim.

Forward-eyed creatures with binocular vision are most likely predators of one stripe or another - what influence does predator ancestry have on the culture of an intelligent species? Our warlike desire to kill others is the result of a predatory base - in our world, many predators kill members of their own species - but is there a culture where killing members of their own species just isn't a thing? Perhaps it would be enough to drive competitors out of an area; Our murder could only be translated as "sent away". Maybe not. We have sharp teeth, binocular vision and plan the frontal lobe. If you have a hammer ...

Because of our large brain size (if we say so ourselves), we give birth to our young long before they can take care of themselves. Would another race with a similar brain / body ratio (I was now told it was an "encephalization quotient") develop similar parent / child / family social structures? This could be a mistake. I've read a theory that says it's social in nature earlier Primate was chosen for a brain big enough to handle all of this socialization, suggesting that without our kind of social, you can't get our kind of brain. Still, the concept of a family group seems to be heavily influenced by local norms, and even Mars is not exactly in our region (much less Alpha Centauri or Deneb IV).

Overall, it certainly seems possible that there are some things that are recognizable or even familiar, but the chances are that there was enough for one person to operate successfully in another planet's human culture ... No, it is too long a distance.