What does the company Amul

MAUL - Ideas for the office for over 100 years!

"I hereby permit myself to announce that I have founded a metal goods factory here, which is equipped with the latest and best machines and which, among other things, will deal with the production of first-class stationery".

With these words of the company founder, the history of MAUL began more than 100 years ago. As an experienced toolmaker, Jakob Maul built up a successful company in a very short time, in which the employees worked together with the company management for the highest quality and new ideas.

Today we are one of the most innovative manufacturers of niche products for office supplies, one of the most modern companies in the industry. Around 190 Maulaner produce at two locations in Germany. All of our plastic products are produced in Kirchen, the Zell site is responsible for metal products.

The family business is already in the 4th generation, shaped by shared values, open cooperation and a sustainable, continuous business policy.

The skills of our employees, combined with innovation and in-house production - that's what makes us so strong: We can react quickly and flexibly to market developments and to the wishes of our customers. It's not about quick, short-term solutions, but about good, safe, creative products. In line with our company philosophy - and that for over 100 successful years.