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FloWare increases productivity for OrCAD and Allegro PCB design

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The installation of the additional FloWare modules is very simple and platform independent. The menu structures are automatically recognized by the PCB Editor and displayed in the menu bar.

Software solutions

PLM / ERP integration (FlowCAD CAD-FlowManager)

The CAD FlowManager offers small and medium-sized design teams an environment that is flexibly adapted to existing company processes for the standardization and automation of design workflows. Automatic notifications via e-mails and to-do lists indicate tasks. Users are assigned functional groups (roles) so that colleagues with the same roles can access data if necessary. The application and approval process can be configured across departments and adapted to the workflow in the company.
CAD-FlowManager data sheet

Conversion of PCB data

When changing from a simple or obsolete PCB tool to the Cadence PCB Tools (OrCAD / Allegro), design data is often migrated. FlowCAD has developed various converters for this and offers the migration of library and project data as a service.
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FloWare Panelization

Printed circuit boards are often made in manufacturing panels. If the placement on the panel is not done by the external paver, the board designer can use the FloWare Panelization module to do this themselves. Simply open a new blank project in the PCB Editor and place a manufacturing frame and registration marks. Now you can place routed designs multiple times in the panel. The design data is linked with X and Y coordinates and rotation information. As you place a design on the panel, you can preview the dimensions. Multiple placements of the design automatically add a defined prefix to each instance of the design in order to avoid name conflicts (duplicates).

FloWare Label Tune

The positioning of reference labels (RefDes) is usually standardized in the library. Text can be difficult to read after placement or on high density designs. Then a manual adjustment of the text parameters is necessary. Label Tune can be used to adjust text size, rotation, and position to make them more readable for assembly drawings. Further parameters are mirror and center adjustment, which take into account the maximum block size and the maximum distance to the component boundaries.

FloWare Library Plot

Creates a PDF or printout of all footprints in a library

About FlowCAD

FlowCAD is a solution provider for electronics developers in Central Europe. With products from leading manufacturers, FlowCAD offers a CAD flow for electronic systems and PCB design. This CAD flow includes modules for circuit diagrams, PCB layout, signal integrity analysis, current integrity analysis, thermal simulation and circuit simulation as well as hardware for protocol analysis of high-speed interfaces and boundary scan.

FlowCAD also offers services such as PCB layout service (OrCAD, Allegro, Altium), creation of libraries for symbols, footprints and models, order simulations (Sigrity, PSpice, Nextra clearance and creepage distances).

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