Famous successful women are necessarily feminists

Opinion: As a woman, feminism disgusts me

I am not a feminist, I am an egoist. I don't know whether “one” needs feminism in Germany in 2015, I don't need it. He rather disgusts me. Feminism sounds as antiquated to me as the word band salad.

I have never seen myself that being a woman is a disadvantage. In a country where the most powerful person has a vagina, “women's quota” will always smell a bit like gaining advantages for me. I find the gendering of the language extremely ugly. If companies advertise their products with naked women, I think that is justified, obviously there is the market for it. I think the hashtag #aufschrei is silly. “A man told me I could fill out a dirndl,” I consider a somewhat meager plot for an entire book. I'd rather not be a feminist.

“But you have to think about the others!” Whistles feminism to me. "All the single mothers, all the women who are still underpaid." That irritates me. Feminism used to prevail because the women who took to the streets sullenly were themselves affected. They did not fight for an obscure third instance, but for themselves. In the meantime, feminism has become a charity campaign for underprivileged women, only a symptom of a culture of indignation that clings more firmly to the idea of ​​equality than any communist regime.

Equality and justice are fifty percent women for feminism, except for shitty jobs. If, overall, more men than women are awarded book prizes, I don't care. My happiness is important to me. That's what I'm fighting for. Not for the planned economy of a fifty percent ideology.

Net feminism: the troubled daughter of Birkenstock feminism

I know a lot of successful women. None of them are feminists because none of them have ever seen themselves in a victim position. The feminists I know, on the other hand, are students or write in the newspaper that they cannot find a job despite studying.

Perhaps my aversion to feminism is due to the current representatives. The "Emma" magazine calls for a quota for women in the cockpit, because men are more inclined to run amok. This is so unworldly that you really just want to hug the author tightly.

Feminism has drawn the lot of a dedicated tutor who does his job so well that it removes the need for it. Feminism is now writhing and looking in panic for the problems for which it would have such nice solutions. The alternative to senile Birkenstock feminism can be found on the Internet, so-called net feminism, the somewhat disturbed daughter of traditional feminism. She suffers from the overwhelming mother and fights disturbingly empty of content for clicks and underscores in the German language.