Creeps Know They Are Creeps

What does "creepy" mean? Meaning and use


You stumbled upon the term "creepy" on the internet and don't know what that means? We'll tell you what's behind it and how you use it.

That means creepy: scary, scary

The English term "creepy" stands for "scary" or "creepy". In German, the term is used colloquially with a similar meaning. If something feels uncomfortable, it appears shady, it can be called "creepy".

Anything that is strange in a rather negative way and makes the hair on the back of the neck stand on end can be described as "creepy". This varies from people to things and situations.

This is how you use creepy

You can use the term "creepy" whenever something is scary or scary to you. A "creep" is not only part of a video game, but can also refer to a real person who is not entirely at ease or intrusive to you.

Examples of using "creepy":

  • "Yesterday someone was walking behind me the whole time on the way home, mega creepy, right?"
  • "All jokes aside. So creepy, I was just thinking of you and now you're writing to me!"
  • "Do you see that weird guy? Since we've been here, he's creeping around and watching us."

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