Your relationship will change when you get married

10 women tell what really changes after the wedding

Your own wedding is undoubtedly a significant moment in our life. Or is it not? Some say that nothing will change after a wedding. Most of them have been a couple for years before the wedding and already live together, what is going to change in a big way?

We wanted to know exactly and asked married women. Some of them are just married, others for decades. Your answers may surprise you.

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"I love him even more than on our wedding day"

"I knew pretty quickly that I wanted to grow old with this man. But after I said yes, I was surprised that over time we became more friends than lovers. That scared me for a long time. But we talked a lot about it and found that it is just as right for us to show how much respect and love we have for one another.

But what has surprised me most after ten years is that I love him even more than on the day we were married and that this love keeps growing over time. "

Laura, married for 10 years

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"It sounds so much nicer to say 'my wife'"

"What surprised me most was how much nicer it sounds to say 'my wife' instead of just 'my girlfriend'. It sounds so much more grown-up and more serious, and it makes you proud because you realize that someone is there who really wants to be by your side for the rest of your life. "

Esther, married for 2 years

"You really get to know each other after the wedding"

"We didn't have a real wedding. But things changed after our civil ceremony. In the beginning you try to please the other person. After the wedding you really get to know your partner. We only moved in together after the wedding, so marked our wedding is also the end of the pink phase.The life together before and after the wedding are two very different things, but there are also many beautiful sides to it.

You always have someone by your side who you can tell anything to and who you don't have to worry about judging you for what you think. You can reveal your whole inner being to him. You can cry in front of him too, and he's fun to hang out with. Even if you have nothing to say to each other, you can enjoy the time together. You're just fine with him. "

Erna, married for 47 years

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"At the end of the month you have a few more euros in your pocket"

"Running errands has become a lot easier. My husband travels a lot during the week and thanks to the shared last name I can do certain things for him very easily.
In addition, you change the tax class so that you have a few more euros in your pocket at the end of the month. Although it has to be said that it really isn't much.

Many believe that if you get married, you will save a lot of money. That is really not true at all. It's limited to enough money to go out to dinner once a month - but that benefits the relationship. "

Marnie, married for 11 months

"I never thought that a wedding would change anything in our relationship"

"We have been married for almost two years and have been together for a total of ten years. Personally, I never would have thought that a wedding would change anything in our relationship. But the solidarity is actually stronger than ever before.
The wedding makes you realize that you are no longer responsible for yourself. You also have a responsibility to your partner and you shouldn't forget that, especially when making major financial decisions. "

Melina, married for 2 years

"When I was married for the first time, nothing changed for me. We had no children and were still very young. So after the wedding we worked, celebrated and lived just as we did before. After my second wedding it was completely different My daughter was already three months old at the time and our whole life has changed.

When I got married at the age of 20, I didn't give a thought to the future. When I got married for the second time at the age of 30, things looked different. Then I wanted my own house and thought about more children.

It should be clear that our relationship changed afterwards. Children bring great happiness, of course, but they also separate their parents a bit. You are constantly exhausted, you can no longer think about sex and everyday life is exhausting. Some days you don't even want to go home. It wasn't just me, my husband felt the same way at times. This then leads to conflicts and one or the other crisis. "

Ines, married for 12 years

"Nothing has changed in our relationship"

"Since we had been together for nine years before we were married, of which we lived together for eight years and already had two children together, nothing has changed in our relationship. The only difference since then is that I am no longer from my boyfriend, but now from mine Man speak. "

Ella, married for 2.5 years

"What has definitely changed is that you learn to accept your partner's quirks. Habits that you would have criticized before the wedding. Instead, you set your own standards back.

What was also noticeable: Due to the different parenting styles, different family structures, etc. my partner was not used to discussing. Arguments were also alien to him. That really led to astonishing misunderstandings in the first year, but it quickly subsided.

I also believe that your own partner pushes you to limits that you would otherwise not have been willing to explore. In other words: only through growing trust does the basis for change arise. "

Andrea, married for 32 years

"I am a financial advisor, cook and all other professions in one"

"A lot has changed. Before the wedding you did everything together, now clothes are left everywhere and you feel like you have to do the whole household yourself. Besides, I don't just have the household, the children and my husband that I take care of I am also a financial advisor, cook and all other possible professions rolled into one.

But there are also beautiful sides. My husband does other things better and more focused than me. For example in raising children. He patiently teaches the children things I have no nerve for. In the end, you value everything he does. A husband is definitely a piece of gold that a woman should indulge in. "

Tina, married for 9 years

"The bond between my husband and me has become much closer"

"After the wedding, the bond between my husband and me became much closer. You feel even more responsible for each other and can trust each other blindly. At first it's strange suddenly to say 'my husband' to others, but after a few weeks you can't imagine it any other way. Why marriage is always portrayed as 'hard work' is a mystery to me. For me there is nothing better in the world than growing old with your soulmate. "

Tamara, married for 1.5 years

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