Is Kenya a good travel destination

Behavior & Safety in Kenya

Are you planning a trip to Kenya? Everything you need to know about on-site safety conditions can be found here!

General information on travel security in Kenya

As with any long-distance travel destination, tourists have to deal with the security situation in the country. Kenya as a travel destination, especially as part of a group tour, offers very, very safe travel conditions. The controls at the hotel entrances and train stations are very strict - vehicles and luggage are thoroughly screened. In addition, Kenya is politically stable and has been a popular travel destination for the European market for decades. The population lives from tourism and welcomes it.

Behavioral and safety tips for Kenya

With some precautions, your stay in Kenya will be a wonderful time. Some important rules of conduct and safety precautions you can take:

  • Just leave valuables like jewelry and watches at home
  • The photo equipment should be kept close to the body, especially not in larger cities and large crowds.
  • Carry your cash with you in your pocket in small amounts and in single bills.
  • Keep your wallet with the remaining money in the hotel safe.
  • If possible, keep your passport in the hotel safe and only have a copy with you. Do the same with your other important documents.
  • Never leave your luggage unattended.
  • Do not have a handbag or shoulder bag for your valuables and ID documents - it is better to use an inconspicuous chest or leg bag or a money belt that you wear under your clothes.
  • Safety on safari trips: Nowhere is it safer than in a safari vehicle. However, this only applies if you do not leave the vehicle. Reports of killed (mostly foreign, daring) tourists keep appearing. Anyone who leaves the vehicle on the hunt for a good photo of buffalo or hippopotamus is putting their life at risk!

Personal experiences with travel security in Kenya

Our employees have made many trips to Kenya or have done them themselves. From your own experience you can say that you never felt a sense of insecurity. On safari trips and in lodges in particular, you live away from the risk of being attacked. Even in the cities (Malindi or Mombasa) you can move around safely and independently as a white woman, at least during the day.

You are sure to attract attention, but the people are friendly and helpful if you walk through the streets with an open, self-confident and friendly charisma. It goes without saying that you hold your camera firmly and stow your money and documents in a belt pouch. Even on the ultra-modern trains of the Madaraka Express (between Nairobi and Mombasa) or in shopping centers, order and security precautions prevail, which amaze most German visitors. Nevertheless, as in any country, there is still a residual risk of being attacked. Therefore, one should always be vigilant and be on the move in pairs!

If you are still unsure, we recommend a guided tour in a group. Transports, taxi rides and hotel stays are professionally organized by selected on-site agencies!

Is photography allowed in Kenya?

Of course, every tourist wants to take as many pictures as possible back home with them as memories. It is important to observe the personal rights of the individual: Always ask for consent in advance - this is also possible with an international gesture such as holding up the camera. Or you wave friendly, the person waves back, you can take a photo.

A no is a no! Be it for religious reasons or, as with the Maasai, only for a certain fee - please respect these limits. From personal experience, people at stalls in larger cities along the street are rather skeptical, while hotel employees are often very positive because the relationship of trust is built up during the stay. However, there are strict photography bans in public facilities, such as in front of police stations and airports. In some cases, the entrance area in large shopping centers and supermarkets may not be photographed either.

Graffiti and street art as advertising for small shops are a real feast for the eyes while walking through the cities. Each house wall is decorated with a different color and everything glows in red, yellow, blue, green and purple. The advertising graffiti itself is worth a photo trip. Here, too, you should take photos in friendly eye contact with the shopkeepers and signal how beautiful you think the paintings are.

Practical tips for the camera
In order not to get into the tricky position of having to delete images, please think of sufficient storage capacity and media in advance. In the larger cities it is possible to buy memory cards or to copy pictures to a data stick in electronics shops, but do not rely on them. Also, make sure the charger is in the camera bag before you travel. Buying a suitable charging station is quite difficult.

Clothing in Kenya

Kenya is a tropical country, the high humidity and the sometimes extreme heat may tempt many to wear as little clothing as possible. However, rather inconspicuous items of clothing that cover the shoulders and knees are appropriate. Especially in the morning and evening hours, light, long and light-colored clothing not only serves as mosquito and thus malaria protection, it also shows a certain respect for the local population.