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Passion: the basis of good content

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Content is actually nothing more than the English word for content. In the field of online marketing, the term has been represented inflationarily for several years and rightly so. Because content transports brand and product messages and is therefore an important link to the target group. Contents are texts, images, videos, sound, infographics, comments, status updates, tweets and so on.


Table of Contents

Content fulfills several functions


  • provides information about the functions of products and services
  • describes use cases and advantages
  • transports brand image and messages
  • arouses emotions and enthusiasm
  • activates comments and conversations
  • inspires interest in product and brand


Whether or not all of this really comes true depends on the quality of the content. They should pop in the brain (Karl Kratz) and are welcome to hit the heart too. They just have to be relevant. That means both having a relationship to the product and brand and at the same time addressing the most important people for increasing the company's success: us, the target group.


Passion and enthusiasm


Addressing in this context means arousing attention and interest. This is no small challenge at a time when we are overwhelmed with information. In order to stand out and gain attention, target group-specific and personalized addressing is becoming more and more important. In order to produce appropriate content for this, we have to know our target group and understand their needs.

At the same time, it is not enough to address specific needs, but the trend is increasingly in the direction of creating trust and authority through expertise and sympathy. That requires a brand identity without marketing blabla, i.e. one that works on its own product with a lot of passion and real enthusiasm.


The brand identity as the basis


A sustainable brand identity is not created by one good text or a good video, but through continuity and holism. Content should be consistently good, not contradict each other and build on one another, across all channels. A certain professionalism promotes trust and the larger the supplier, the more important professional production becomes. But what is even more important is the statement behind it, i.e. the full conviction of your own product. This can also be accompanied with a wink, like the famous video clips from Blendtec.

These videos inform you that Blendtec mixers can chop up anything, no matter how firm. The application cases are of course not meant seriously and convey a humorous image. Having the same sense of humor kindles sympathy and a look at the number of comments reveals an active community. Most importantly, this video campaign increased sales by 700%.


Product information doesn't have to be dry


Product descriptions are content that is primarily intended to provide information. Sometimes, however, they degenerate into the pure listing of functions and forget to give the product a "face". It's different on coolstuff and getDigital. Here the products are presented with little stories, such as this superhero egg cup, which only "has one goal in life: to make your breakfast a little nicer" or the giant beach ball, which restores the honor of all its "forgotten brothers".

These product descriptions are not about building a brand image for the products, but rather for the retailer. All products on this page have a lovingly written product text, which suggests that coolstuff thinks its own products are really cool.

Similar to getDigital, who emphasize their own nerdy by the fact that all product descriptions are also presented in Leetspeak, binary code and Hexspeak. A good example of addressing target groups appropriately.


Brand ambassadors as independent recommendations

Potential application is one of the best ways to prove the benefits of products. A product enjoys a particularly high level of trust when it becomes part of the content of brand ambassadors, as they usually appear more independent than the manufacturer.

One example is Julia Graf, who as MissChievous regularly produces make-up and make-up videos. She has built a brand around herself and conveys a real passion for make-up. You can tell that not only by the multitude of their videos and their enthusiasm, but also by their results. It shows itself in various make-up looks and offers real added value through its step-by-step instructions. Incidentally, the products also shine into the camera.


Image building through added value


A good example of image building through content is MOZ. The American online marketing agency produces content that not only demonstrates passion for its own industry, but also offers real added value. MOZ relies on learning material with which they describe the world of online marketing. This includes not only the well-known Whiteboard Friday videos, but also comprehensive manuals. The special thing is not only the professional preparation, but also that the target audience is addressed at eye level.


Customer loyalty emotions


In my article How do emotions get into the story, I analyzed the branding campaign of the Canadian airline WestJet in detail. Emotions arise here through skilful storytelling and excellent preparation of the content. At the same time, an image of helpful employees who love their customers is presented.


Interactions are an expression of interest


Content that touches the audience is something to talk about and staying “in the conversation” means being relevant and interesting. “Conversations” take the form of comments, discussions, and conversations on the Internet, and they are an expression of interest. Apart from the product descriptions, the examples mentioned here generate a lot of interactions because the audience is enthusiastic about funny actions, helpful resources and good stories.

The basis for good content, be it text, video, audio, infographics or stories, is the passion for your own product, the integrity of your own brand and the honest desire to touch the target audience.