Where should I report corruption cases?

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Of course, employees in the public service are also bound by the law. You have to act fairly, unselfishly and transparently.

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Annual report 2019

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Corruption undermines trust in the integrity and functionality of the public administration. An administration that is no longer perceived as having integrity by the population loses its legitimacy. The perception of the administration is decisively shaped by the behavior of each individual employee. Citizens rightly expect the public administration to prevent corrupt behavior or to prevent it from occurring in the first place.

We therefore resolutely oppose corruption with the means of control, detection and sanction. We also provide training and awareness-raising among employees to inform about the emergence and dangers of situations that are prone to corruption. This is the only way for employees to recognize and assess where the line between what is allowed and what is not and when it is exceeded.

Corruption prevention tools

The Federal Government's prevention strategy is essentially based on the following sets of rules:

The recommendations for the prevention of corruption in the federal administration elaborate the requirements of the guideline in more detail. They also provide assistance in implementing measures to prevent corruption.

itemsOmbudsperson against Corruption

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With the annual reports on "Corruption Prevention in the Federal Administration", the Federal Government gives an account to the German Bundestag on the implementation of the Corruption Prevention Directive.

The ombudsperson against corruption was set up within the Ministry of the Interior as a further instrument for preventing corruption.

More information on preventing corruption

Annual reports on "Preventing corruption in the federal administration"

    Practical assistance from the initiative group

    questions and answers

    DownloadFAQs about accepting rewards, gifts and other benefits

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    A collection of questions and answers on the subject of accepting rewards, gifts and other benefits is intended to explain to employees from administration and business the correct way to deal with benefits.

    This catalog was drawn up by the "Initiative Group Federal Administration and Economy: Together Against Corruption". The initiative group consists of chief compliance officers from various large and medium-sized companies and representatives from federal ministries and associations.

    International cooperation

    The issues of integrity and the prevention of corruption have been discussed more and more in international committees and forums in recent years. The Federal Ministry of the Interior is actively involved in these bodies and helps shape international standards and recommendations.

    Anti-corruption bodies and forums

    Common in the fight against corruption

    Representatives of the G20 governments, business and civil society at the 6th High-Level Anti-Corruption Conference

    Announcement 02/01/2017Together in the fight against corruption

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    On January 26, 2017, the sixth high-level anti-corruption conference in cooperation with the OECD took place in the BMI's conference center as part of the German G20 presidency. In four high-ranking and international panels, the experts dealt with the daily implementation of integrity and anti-corruption standards, with challenges and opportunities for collective action, and with the fight against corruption in sports and healthcare.