Should one wear astrological gemstones

Gemstones and astrology

If we look at the history of the West, ancient Egypt, Judaism or the ancient Indian cultures, wearing or possessing precious stones always played a major role. They served as protection against calamity, bad karma and illness. They were also made into medicine or elixirs of life. Today precious stones are used almost exclusively for jewelry purposes. Very slowly, however, an awareness of the forces that are hidden in these stones develops again.

The power of precious stones

Gemstones have a very special ability: they absorb the cosmic radiation of a planet (Sanskrit: Graha) and neutralize its negative influences. Wearing the right gemstones creates protection against bad karma. Positive influences can now develop better.

Vedic astrologers (Jyotishis) can see from the horoscope which gemstones have to be worn at which point in life. According to the principle “Heyam duhkham anaagatam” - avoid the danger before it is there (Yoga Sutra 2.16. Of Maharishi Patanjali), the Jyotishi prescribes the right gemstone for you.

An example: the Jyotishi can make statements about the emotional life from the position of the moon in the horoscope. If the Jyotishi sees a problem in this area of ​​life, he can recommend wearing a pearl, as this is assigned to the moon.

On the physical level, the hypothalamus is primarily responsible for our emotional life. The moon and the hypothalamus are related to each other. Wearing a suitable pearl structures your emotional life more and more, as negative influences are neutralized. The hormonal activity of the hypothalamus improves, with the result that you become more balanced on a psychological and physical level.

How do I find the right gemstone?

The first thing you should know is which gemstone and what size you need. For example, if an emerald is recommended to you, it does not mean that all emeralds can be used. You now have to find the right gemstone for you among the gemstones that are suitable for Jyotish purposes.

There are various possibilities:

  • You can get a kinesiological test (testing via the muscles).
  • But you can also test yourself. When you have several in front of you, observe which stone you reach for first. You can place this gemstone under your tongue for 5-15 minutes and feel how you feel.
  • But you can also “try out” the gemstone in a silk pouch around your neck for a few days. How do you feel about that?

Tips when buying gemstones:

  • If you buy a Jyotish gemstone, then only where you are specifically familiar with these gemstones and where you have a good feeling.
  • Be careful with traders who only trade. The purchase of Jyotish gemstones not only requires knowledge of the material, but also good intuition as to whether a gemstone has good effects or not. The usual commercial criteria such as purity and color say nothing about the effects.
  • You will always receive an internationally recognized certificate of authenticity from reputable dealers for higher quality stones.
  • Based on my experience as an expert, I recommend that you, as a layperson, never buy a gemstone on vacation, no matter how cheap the offer may be.

What else to consider?

Once you have found your gemstone, it is important in which metal it is to be set. The gemstone is worn either as a pendant or as a ring on a designated finger. Both are also given by your Jyotishi in the gemstone recommendation.

Furthermore, each gemstone is assigned a day on which you start to wear it (see table). However, you can also have your Jyotishi create a “Muhurta” (calculation of a favorable point in time).

General: Gemstones that are suitable for Jyotish purposes should be able to develop their energy optimally. To do this, they must be of a very high purity. The customary term “eye-clean” for the colored gemstones is not sufficient here. Strong inclusions and cracks represent a violation of internal order.

In addition, the gemstones should not have strong color changes or color holes. Most gemstones are treated afterwards to make the color and clarity appear better. There are processes here that have a negative effect on the effect of the gemstones.

A symmetrical cut that has ideal proportions is beneficial. Gemstones that have already been worn by someone else can only be used if they have been “cleaned”. Synthetically produced stones are generally not suitable.

Published in Ayurveda Journal 4

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Kai Figdor, studied economics, trained as a diamond expert at the German Gemological Society for Gemstone Studies (DGGE) in Idar Oberstein. Long-term collaboration with the Gemstone Exchange in Idar Oberstein and the Diamond Exchanges in Antwerp and London, member of the Planetary Gemological Association