Love is materialistic these days

Relationships in the 21st century have become difficult in a generation of “travelers”.

Why is it so difficult to build a long-term relationship today? Why do we fail every time, even though we really tried hard? Why do people change so suddenly?

Here are a few reasons why relationships fall apart so easily these days.

1. Many people are unprepared for the sacrifices to be made, unwilling to compromise and often unwilling to put their pride aside so that a relationship can breathe.

You are not ready to invest everything to make it go well. Everyone wants to make it as easy as possible for themselves. Sometimes a little obstacle is enough and they throw down, they don't give love time to grow, they let go before it really starts.

2. Today we're not really looking for “love” anymore, we're looking for the thrill, the drama and something with as little responsibility as possible. Someone to party or to watch a movie, not someone who understands our innermost and knows what we think when we are not speaking.

We spend a lot of time together these days, but it doesn't really create memories. Love is boring and romance is out. We don't want a partner for life, just someone who makes us feel alive in the moment. And when the initial curiosity wears off and the thing we are afraid of occurs, the "everyday life", then we back off before it gets too serious.

3. Fast-paced, we immerse ourselves in the insignificance of ephemeral city life, in which there is no place for a love that takes time. We no longer have the time to love, no longer have the patience to deal with a relationship that is not yet running smoothly.

Most of them are too busy chasing materialistic dreams and there is no room for romantic longings. Relationships have only become a "sideline" that you treat yourself to as non-committal as possible from time to time.

4. We seek instant gratification in everything we do - whether we post something online, at work, or with the people we fall in love with. We want the maturity in a relationship that comes with time, the emotional connection that has to develop over the years, and preferably as quickly as possible. Apparently nothing is worth our time and patience - not even love itself.

5. We'd rather spend an hour with hundreds of people than a day with just one person. We believe in "options". We are "social" people. We just want to “meet” people but no longer really want to get to know them.

We are greedy. We want everything. We enter into relationships quickly and leave them just as quickly. We don't want to get the best out of a person. We want them to be "perfect" from the start. We meet a lot of people, but we rarely give anyone the chance.

We're kind of disappointed in everyone. We are the eternal traveler who only dreams of his “destination” because every place he visits is somehow not good enough to stay there.

6. The internet has brought us all closer, so close that we don't really see anyone for so many choices. We don't see the forest for the trees, so to speak.

Our physical presence has been replaced by texts, voice messages, photos and video calls. We no longer really have the need to see someone in real life because you've already told and shown everything online, you've already "had enough of each other", so to speak, before the first meeting. There isn't really anything left to tell over a coffee in town.

7. We are a generation of “travelers” who do not stay in one place for long. We don't want to settle down. Even the thought of spending your entire life with just one person can be scary to some.

We want to believe that we are "different" from the rest, but we are so incredibly similar.

8. We are the generation that calls ourselves “Sexually Free”. We can distinguish sex from love and also separate the two. We have sex and then we decide if we want to love someone. Sex is so easy, but loyalty is incredibly difficult for us. Sex outside of a relationship is no longer taboo.

Relationships are no longer so easy, two love each other and that's it, no, it has become a complicated construct. Today there are open relationships, friends with certain advantages, one-night stands that last for months, relationships without obligations or just an affair in which both cannot be without the other but are still not a couple.

9. We are the practical generation that only works with logic. We can no longer love like crazy. We wouldn't go to a country far away just to see someone we love.

We'd rather split up because a "long-distance relationship" is so exhausting. We are too sensitive to the smallest problem and we question the relationship no matter how well it did us. We are too sensible for our own good.

10. We are a scared generation. We're scared of falling in love, scared and scared of falling, scared of being hurt, and scared of listening to our hearts.

We hide behind high walls that we have created ourselves, look for love and when we find it, we hide behind our wall again. We can't handle it if someone really wants to make us happy.

We don't want to be vulnerable. We don't want to show our soul to anyone. We are so incredibly careful that luck no longer dares to approach us.

We no longer appreciate it when someone really means well to us. We let go of the most wonderful people, in the faith there is someone out there who suits us even better. We drop diamonds to indulge in stones. We are the generation that is never really satisfied.

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