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Developers wanted with at least six years of Kubernetes experience. I found this job posting on a job search wall at a cloud conference. It was certainly meant as a joke, given that the conference was celebrating the fifth birthday of the container orchestrator Kubernetes. Nevertheless, she had a serious concern: Administrators and developers who are also familiar with container technology, be it Docker or Kubernetes, are in demand. In total it was a good 15 square meters of whiteboard, full of job offers. Other frequent searches for experts: Programmers with knowledge of unit testing and Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Deployment (CD). So applicants with experience in the automatic testing and distribution of software.

I took the opportunity and spoke directly to some of the employers about what matters to them when it comes to applicants. For example, whether there are certain programming languages ​​that you have to know in order to have a chance at all. The answers can reassure all those who believe that they have learned the "wrong" language: According to the unanimous opinion of my sample, it does not depend on the programming language in which one has programmed at the university or with previous employers. Certainly there are preferences for certain languages ​​depending on the company's line of business. A capable programmer is expected to familiarize himself with a previously unknown world in a finite amount of time.

Today it is much more important to look beyond pure code production in a quiet room - be it in Java, JavaScript, Go, PHP or Rust. We are looking for employees who have mastered the tools for building and testing and who, above all, have already programmed in a team with others. This includes dealing with other people's error messages, managing code in repositories and knowing how pull requests, issues and commits work.