Should you get married while doing your doctorate

After getting married more or less halfway through my PhD, I would say emphatically no, it's not a bad idea at all! (I'm assuming you only meant "during" with "in the middle of". =])

Regarding the "meager pay", at the time my PhD scholarship was about twice as much money as I was. I felt comparatively rich. We weren't interested in a lavish wedding anyway, but we managed to afford a very nice wedding with 80 guests that was paid for with the money from our PhD scholarships.
Of course, PhD students may not be as well paid in many countries (we were in the UK).

As for the "burden of responsibility," I'm not exactly sure what you mean by that, so I'll ask a question in a comment and wait for you to answer.

Points to consider:

  • You may need to lower your expectations of the type of wedding that you can afford, but if it does I don't think this is a big problem to the state being married to reach. You can always have a big anniversary party at a later date if you have more money.

  • Possible name change (as mentioned by F'x): If a name change occurs to be involved, it can be very convenient to do so before any publications are published, which is much more likely during the PhD than afterwards. (I've changed my last name and haven't had any publications at this point, so there's no problem using my new last name for academic purposes.)

  • Honeymoon: There are far more chances of having enough free time for a decent honeymoon while on a PhD than if you have a job, although of course that entirely depends on your manager. [Added because F'x thinks the honeymoon might be a problem: my manager allowed me a month after my wedding.]

  • Comradeship, as you mentioned: This is obviously especially relevant if you come from a culture / religion where pre-marriage cohabitation is not common. It can be of great help to have “an intimate companion” (not that mine was that long or bleak - but my husband's was more) during the PhD trip, and I see no reason for a couple to go after one wait for PhD to marry if they are ready now.

I can add more later when I think of something else. There's more I would say if I didn't try not to get too deeply into the discussion or off-topicness.