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Expert: What men are embarrassed about during sex

Actually, yes, everything should be romantic, loving, beautiful and relaxed. But as is so often the case in life, unwanted situations can arise during sex that destroy the atmosphere and disrupt the love game. The sex medicine specialist and author Dr. Axel-Jürg Potempa explains here, what things men are particularly embarrassed about in bed.

What things are men particularly embarrassed about during sex?

Dr. Potempa:

"That is difficult to say across the board, because of course many unplanned things can happen that are uncomfortable for the man. The causes can be very different. For example, embarrassing situations can sometimes have a medical background that should be clarified by an expert."

10 things that men are especially embarrassed about during sex

Use wrong name: If the man does not say the correct name of his partner during lovemaking, it can immediately destroy any sex.

Early ejaculation: This is very bad for the man because he suffers a loss of control. The man usually wants to satisfy his partner. If the effusion comes too early, it is often not possible. In fact, the problem can be so severe that the ejaculation occurred before the man even inserted the penis into the woman.

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If premature ejaculation occurs more frequently, it can represent a great potential for conflict. The woman could resent the man for this in the long run. The man also suffers from the loss of control. In such a case, usually only open communication and a visit to an expert can help in order to have the problem medically clarified and resolved.

Don't open the bra: It actually happens to many men that there is a problem at this point. Failing with a bra destroys the mood. Even fiddling around with it for a long time is not sexy. Tip: practice makes perfect. There are now even courses in which opening the bra can be practiced.

Lack of sensitivity: When the instincts dominate, men sometimes lack a certain tenderness. Even empathy falls by the wayside, so that the woman does not really feel comfortable during sex.

How was I?: A very popular question from men after sex. But it is difficult for women to find a suitable answer. If it wasn't so nice, what answer do men want to hear? If the woman answers honestly, then it's an embarrassing situation - for both of them.

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Erectile dysfunction: The man also identifies himself through his penis. If he no longer cooperates, sex cannot take place. The man is used to the penis working normally. If the erection does not occur, although the desire arises, it is also bad and embarrassing for the man - in such a case he no longer feels like a man.

Tip: So that the sex life does not suffer completely and leaves both partners frustrated, the man could help orally or manually - this can also ensure a lot of fun in bed. In addition, the man should speak to an expert about the potency problems.

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Small penis: A small penis can be a big problem for a man. If the erect piece is less than seven centimeters long, doctors speak of a micropenis. Affected men often suffer from a lack of self-confidence, they only dare to undress in the dark. A small penis is an embarrassing thing at first, but maybe that's a nice challenge that can be mastered in pairs. Corresponding positions or sex toys can compensate for the missing centimeters very well.

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Do not feel like: Yes, there is too! The man is not in the mood, but the partner would like to have sex. How can this tricky situation be resolved without an argument? Important: talk to each other, solve the problem together. The man should explain why it doesn't fit well at the moment. If both partners understand each other, it relaxes the situation and can surprisingly lead to a sexual experience after all.

Not prepared: Where are the condoms? Why doesn't the sex toy work? Good preparation is also important during sex because it can relax the situation so that all of the attention remains with the partner.

Body odor / bad breath: Of course, this is not only embarrassing for men. But unpleasant smells don't create a relaxed atmosphere during sex.

Conclusion: embarrassing situations can also strengthen the relationship

Dr. Potempa: "Embarrassing situations are very special tests in a relationship. They can divide the partners but they can also bring them closer together. If both deal with each other in a trusting manner, some - initially unpleasant situations - can strengthen the relationship because they have a completely new side to the other get to know each other and master them together. "

Dr. Axel-Jürg Potempa works as a urologist, andrologist, sexual and partnership physician and as a book author in Munich. You can find more information about him on his website: www.dr-potempa.jimdo.com/ and on his Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Dr.Potempa


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