Which currency should I take to Bali

Bali currency: you should know that!

Indonesian rupiah (IDR) have been the Bali currency in Indonesia and thus also the official means of payment in Bali. There are different Coins and banknotesthat are in circulation in Indonesia.

Coins: 25, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 rupiah
Annotation: The 25 and 50 rupiah coins are actually no longer in use.

Banknotes: 100, 500, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, 100,000 rupiah
Annotation: The two smaller banknotes no longer exist in the case of the bills either.

In fact, only banknotes in Indonesia have solvency. When entering the country, you should not take too much cash (in euros) with you. You can withdraw and exchange money (in IDR currency) almost anywhere without any problems, and major credit cards (e.g. Mastercard and Maestro) are also accepted in hotels, restaurants and shops everywhere. Please use the opportunity so as not to spend a lot of money on the person unnecessarily. When making withdrawals, please use ATMs that are guarded so as not to fall victim to a robbery unnecessarily. When withdrawing cash, please consider any fees that may arise for cash withdrawals abroad and for transactions in Bali. You can obtain the exact fees from your house bank.

Change money in exchange offices and hotels

While on vacation, you can change a desired amount of cash into Indonesian currency at the reception in all hotels or accommodations. The exchange rates from Euro to IDR in the hotel are usually not particularly good, but still highly recommended due to the security. It is completely different in exchange offices. In Bali you can exchange euros and dollars in exchange offices. The exchange offices there often offer a very good rate. Sometimes better than any bank or hotel. But be careful: The operators have very nimble hands and various tricks up their sleeves to cheat you at will. Hence our advice: Stay away from unofficial exchange offices that can be found in backyards and on the open street. Please "always" count the changed amount independently before leaving the building and do not let the rupiah out of your sight for a second!

Withdraw money free of charge with the DKB card

The DKB credit card has been around since 2015 (probably even earlier). This is particularly helpful when traveling. Because there is a free current account which has to be topped up. Usually one has 1-2% fees at the house bank on the usual contributions and fees that one withdraws at the ATM with the credit card. But not at the DKB Bank. Here you can withdraw money free of charge on every trip worldwide and has been our advice on money in Indonesia since 2015. Larger amounts of cash are also included "always" in the hotel safes, which are usually (99%) provided free of charge by the hotels without contributions. The daily amount of cash that you carry with you should only cover your daily requirement. If you go out to eat unexpectedly, don't worry, as you can often pay for your meal with a credit card. Alternatively, a short walk to the ATM to withdraw cash is also possible.

Withdraw money free of charge with DKB:

Pay free of charge worldwide and withdraw money from ATMs without any account management fees. Ideal for globetrotters and jet setters.