Why did you take backpacking seriously?

The 4 most adventurous destinations for your trekking vacation!

What could be more amazing than spending time in nature and walking through beautiful landscapes! To put yourself to the test on a trek is one of the most blatant experiences that we as adventurers can experience! While you are out in nature for several days or even weeks, you climb mountain peaks with wonderful views, roam through dense forests and get to see places that most other travelers cannot!

Every trekking adventure is unforgettable and I am sure that you will remember this adventure with a smile on your face for a long time to come. In this post, I'll show you four goals that you should definitely add to your bucket list if you're looking for a great time in nature!

But let's start with the preparation of your trekking vacation!

Prepare your trekking holiday perfectly!

As an individual traveler, you certainly tend to leave everything behind in order to plunge into the adventure as quickly as possible. In many cases, it is precisely these spontaneous decisions that provide the necessary thrill and let's be honest: We can tell the greatest stories if we rely on our gut feeling and have everything come our way. However, on a trekking holiday it is different and for this reason it is important that you prepare your adventure perfectly.

Appropriate trekking equipment is so important

Nature is not to be trifled with and depending on which region you are in, it can be very dangerous during your trekking holiday. Just imagine that you are caught in a severe storm that your equipment cannot cope with: Suddenly a snow storm surprises you, which also causes icy temperatures that you did not expect. A dry shelter can no longer be reached and you have no choice but to pitch your tent and snuggle up in your sleeping bag. It's just stupid that you didn't take the preparation so seriously and only packed a summer sleeping bag, which simply won't help you in these weather conditions. Of course, this is just a horror scenario that I use to make it clear to you how important your equipment is.

Your daily companion: the trekking backpack!

The basic equipment includes a stable and comfortably fitting trekking backpack in which all of your equipment fits. I can recommend the Yukon 50 + 10 * from Tatonka, which we had with us during our hut hike on the Alpe di Siusi and which is comfortable to wear. The workmanship couldn't be better and you will have fun with it for many years. With a price of just under 220 euros, the backpack is not exactly cheap and yet the quality speaks for itself.

Especially on a longer trekking holiday, you will have to carry your backpack on your back for several hours every day. For this reason, you shouldn't be stingy when buying. A backpack that doesn't fit you and your back can ruin your adventure very quickly!

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What belongs in your backpack?

It would be nice if I could give you a blanket answer to this question. Unfortunately, that's not the case, as your equipment will vary depending on the length of your trekking holiday and the area in which you are traveling. In cold regions you need completely different trekking equipment than in warm regions and therefore it is difficult to give a uniform packing list.

The basic equipment of a trekking adventure includes comfortable hiking shoes (for men * and for women *), which in the best case scenario you have already worn in, a rain cape for your backpack and a rain jacket * that you can also use as a windbreaker. You should also think of thermal underwear, a down jacket *, hat * and gloves * in cold regions! In sunny areas, where you will also be confronted with extreme heat, you absolutely have to pack adequate sun protection and enough water!

Note: Later, when I introduce you to the four trekking destinations, you will find more detailed information about the things you need for the respective treks.

Pack lightly!

During your trekking holiday you will cover several kilometers on foot and always have your backpack on your back. Exactly for this reason you should only pack the bare essentials and avoid things that are not necessary. Check out this post for the best tips for a lightweight backpack.

So that you can assess what you absolutely need and what not, it is important that you know what to expect on the way. For this reason, you need to find out some time before you start your trekking holiday.

Find out about your trekking vacation!

Not only your equipment is very important for you to experience a great trekking holiday, you also have to know everything about the planned adventure: Do you need certain permits, are there enough water sources on the way and what temperatures should you expect? All of these questions and many more need to be clarified in advance.

Be aware of what to expect!

At the beginning of your planning, you should find out more about the trek and you can use magazines, books or adventure blog posts for this. In various forums, which you can easily find on Google, you can build on the experience of other daredevils who have already mastered the trek. Nowadays it is no longer difficult to get this information. Among other things, you should clarify the following points:

  • How much time should I plan at least?
  • What is the best travel time and what weather conditions should I expect?
  • Is the trek suitable for solo travelers?
  • How do I get to the destination country and later to the starting point of the trek?
  • Do I need a permit to do the trek?
  • How much money will the adventure cost me?
  • Do I need cash during the hike?
  • Do I have to prepare for fitness?
  • How demanding is the hike?
  • What equipment is recommended?
  • Do I need a tent and food or do I walk from accommodation to accommodation?
  • What problems do I have to expect on the way: altitude sickness, dangerous animals, natural disasters, ...?
  • What does the route look like and how is it marked?

Reading tip:
Before you leave, you should definitely take a look at our Survival in the Wilderness article, because there you can find out how to behave in nature. In addition, this post about preparation is very helpful, because there you will find valuable tips for your adventure!

Adventure trip: trekking!

Of course, you don't just want to get the facts thrown at your head, you also want to learn more about the possible countries. I am not tensing you any further and we will start right away with the best destinations for your next trekking holiday!

Trekking adventure number 1: The Kungsleden in Sweden

The first adventure I want to introduce you to is waiting for you in Sweden! You don't have to leave Europe and spend hours on a plane to plunge into a blatant adventure, because just a few hours by plane from us you will find a true trekking paradise that will make your heart beat faster! The Kungsleden in northern Sweden shows you the endless expanse of Lapland and surprises you with a really stark landscape.

You have to know that about the route!

The Kungsleden consists of two long-distance hiking trails: the southern (350 kilometers) and the northern (440 kilometers) section! If the entire route is too long for you, it is also no problem to only cover a certain section. Line, for example, covered the 110-kilometer route from Abisko to Kiruna in five days, which is considered to be the most beautiful stretch of the route. The route is very well signposted and there are also several shelters where you can even spend the night. In addition to your hiking equipment, you also have to take the groceries with you that you will need for the duration of the hike.

Reading tip: In this post, Line has put together the best tips for trekking in Sweden that you can also benefit from. You will learn everything about the necessary equipment and also get a first impression of the trek.

This is waiting for you!

The landscape is really difficult to describe and you have to see it with your own eyes. In addition to the lush green pastures, it is above all the mighty mountains and the bright blue lakes that will take your breath away. You walk through seemingly endless valleys and also get to see the Kebnekaise, which at 2,099 meters is the highest mountain in Sweden! You will also like the waterfalls and snow fields, which you will also discover on your hike. Especially the 110-kilometer section from Abisko to Kiruna couldn't be more varied and in a few days you will get a great impression of the versatility of Sweden!

Reading tip: Are you not convinced yet? Here Line has described her experiences on the hike. A great contribution that will definitely convince you of the Kungsleden!

Kungsleden adventure

Surely you would like to leave immediately and plunge into this adventure and I can understand that. The hike on the Kungsleden is amazing and especially if you are planning your first trekking holiday, Sweden is the right address for you. On the 110 kilometers you can find out whether trekking is something for you. But a trip to Sweden is also worthwhile for experienced hikers! What are you waiting for? - Off to Sweden!

Trekking Adventure # 2: The Annapurna Circuit in Nepal

For me, Nepal is the ultimate trekking paradise! The roof of the world, as Nepal is also called, is home to eight mountains that crack the 8,000 meter mark. If you see these giants with your own eyes, words are instantly lacking. I myself spent a total of six weeks in Nepal and covered the Annapurna Circuit in three weeks. The circuit will demand everything from you, push you physically and mentally to your limits and even one step further - that's why the circuit should not be missing in this post!

You have to know that about the route!

The Annapurna Circuit is considered to be the most varied and beautiful hiking route in the world and runs around the Annapurna Mountains, which are up to 8,091 meters high. The starting point of the trek is in Besisahar and the original route takes you over the 5,416 meter high pass to Nayapul. You should plan at least three weeks for the entire route. If you don't have that much time, it is also possible to cover the route in 14 to 18 days. To do this, you skip a few stations at the beginning and at the end with the jeep.

The Annapurna Circuit is particularly suitable for solo travelers, because on the way you will meet many other hikers who are also on their own and are happy to be around. What many do not know: There is no need to book a guided tour or porter! Thanks to the well-signposted route and the many solo hikers, you can also plunge into this unforgettable adventure on your own! During the circumnavigation you walk from village to village, where you will always find a place to stay. You can also get something to eat there, so you don't have to carry tons of groceries with you.

This is waiting for you!

The hike begins at an altitude of 820 meters and in the first week you run through green forests until you have cracked the 3,000 meter mark and your surroundings change. Suddenly the trees disappear and you are in a mountainous landscape before you arrive in Manang at 3,540 meters. The entire section has a tough job: Everything is demanded of you and every day you are busy with the arduous ascent for several hours. But no worry! The beautiful landscape is your drive, because what you get to see on this section is worth all the hardships!

After a day of rest in the Manang area, the highlight is just around the corner. You take a detour to Tilicho Lake, one of the highest mountain lakes in the world, and then set off to cross the pass. Just imagine the feeling that comes over you when you have finally conquered the pass at 5,416 meters after about two weeks. For me, this moment was clearly a highlight of my life and I am sure that you will too!

You should now plan another week for the third and last section. Now it's downhill again, through areas that you sometimes have all to yourself. Many travelers skip the third section after crossing the pass by jeep and so often have the trek all to yourself!

Adventure Annapurna Circuit!

Nepal is amazing and so is the Annapurna Circuit! If you have a few weeks to spare, you should definitely jump into this adventure because it will change you. You push yourself to your limits and even beyond, you get to see the most beautiful landscape in the world and experience an adventure that you will never forget. A trip to Nepal is worthwhile and I am sure that as soon as you have conquered the circuit, you are already planning your next trip to Nepal. Maybe you will even go to Mount Everest Basecamp?

Reading tip: In my Annapurna Trek post I have recorded all the information you need to plunge into this adventure on your own. Have fun while reading!

Trekking Adventure # 3: Tongariro National Park in New Zealand!

Not only does Nepal have an incredible landscape, but New Zealand too. At the other end of the world you will find huge mountains, green landscapes and the endless ocean. A trekking adventure awaits you on New Zealand's North Island that you cannot miss. The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is considered to be the most beautiful day hike in the world and also offers many extension options, which many travelers do not know!

You have to know that about the national park!

Most hikers only undertake one day hike in this area: you can cover the 17-kilometer route in seven to eight hours and you really get to see a lot! As an adventurer who can't get enough of nature and the wilderness, you don't want to do what everyone does and so you can extend the day hike!

Not only do you avoid the tourist crowds, you also get to see many more highlights. Instead of wandering through the national park for just one day, you can also spend four to six days there without any problems and organize them flexibly and according to your mood. A great route for this duration is the circumnavigation of Mount Ruapehu, which is one of three still active volcanoes in this park. On the route you will find huts that you have to book in advance, and campsites where you can pitch your tent.


This is waiting for you!

Volcanoes, crater lakes, waterfalls and even hot springs are waiting for you in Tongariro National Park! The highlight of the day hike is Emerald Lake, which will take your breath away with its emerald-colored water. If you have decided to go around Mount Ruapehu, you can also look forward to dense forests, desert landscapes and stark glacial valleys. In summer you can also take part in a volcano crater hike, which will turn your time in Tongariro National Park into a real adventure. On the other hand, in winter you will find a wonderful ski slope that you can thunder down on skis or with a snowboard!

Adventure Tongariro National Park!

It doesn't matter whether you choose the day hike or jump into the multi-day trekking adventure. With both options, you will have an amazing time in nature! You will like New Zealand, because besides the Tongariro National Park there are many regions that are just waiting to be explored by you on foot. Just like Nepal, New Zealand is an adventurous country where you have to be outdoors in nature!

Reading tip: Are you planning a trip to New Zealand? Perfect - here in our eBook travel guide you will find all the information about New Zealand that will make your trip an unforgettable adventure!


Trekking adventure # 4: Torres del Paine National Park in Chile

There is also an incredible tour waiting for you in South America that you should consider for your trekking holiday. In the Chilean Patagonia you will find the Torres del Paine National Park, which knocks you down with the mountains of the same name! The landscape in the park cannot be compared with the other destinations, because in Patagonia, in addition to the mighty mountains, impressive glaciers are also waiting for you. Why you should definitely choose this national park, I'll tell you now!

You have to know that about the route!

The most famous trekking route is the so-called "W", for which you have to plan four to five days. As a starting point for your adventure, you should choose Puerto Natales, a small town about two hours from the park.You can take a bus to the park from there and leave any equipment you do not need in your accommodation there. The best way to start your hike is in the east of the park, near the Mirador Torres del Pain. There is the first stop that the buses from Puerto Natales come to.

There are campsites along the entire route that you should book well in advance. But no worry! Even if you are in Chile spontaneously, you don't have to do without the national park. If all campsites are fully booked, you can take several day tours in the park and cover the sections of the "W" as day hikes.

This is waiting for you!

Several highlights are waiting for you in the national park. If you start your hike in the east of the park, the first thing you do is climb to the Mirador Las Torres to see the three huge mountain peaks that lie directly in front of an indescribable turquoise mountain lake. Especially on cloudless days the sight is indescribable and pictures say more than a thousand words!

Your further path leads you along the Nordenskjöld Lake, which is a similar shade of blue on your left, to the Valle Frances. There you will marvel at the stark mountain landscape and also get to see the mountains from a completely different perspective.

Finally, another highlight awaits you and that is the Gray Glacier in the west of the park. If you see the mighty glacier with your own eyes, the size and beauty will immediately cast a spell over you. It is a successful end to your trekking holiday in Patagonia! Another little tip: You can get even closer to this glacier by booking a kayak tour where you paddle close to the Gray Glacier!

Pure nature in Patagonia!

Patagonia is the perfect place for outdoor freaks who can't get enough of impressive landscapes and huge mountains. The glaciers and mountain lakes give the region a very special flair that cannot be experienced in many places in the world. Patagonia is one of the most eventful areas on our entire earth! Go on an adventure!

Which goal do you choose?

A trekking holiday is all about you and nature! If you are outside for several days or even weeks, you will experience an intense time. You get your money's worth and it is not important whether you hike through the beautiful Swedish landscape for a few days or are out and about for several weeks in Nepal! You get to know yourself better while hiking and you reach your physical and mental limits: you become addicted. Addicted to more moments in nature, to even higher mountains and even longer tours! For adventurers, there is nothing better than being outside!

What was your most exciting trekking vacation that you have ever been on? Share it with us in the comments!