How is the lottery not illegal to play


How do you recognize reputable lottery providers?

If you want to play LOTTO 6aus49, Eurojackpot, GlücksSpirale or KENO legally and safely online in Germany, you should take a close look at which provider you are playing with.

Anyone who wants to offer games of chance in Germany needs a German permit.

Licenses from abroad are not valid in Germany!

In addition to the official lottery providers with a license under gaming law - such as the state lottery companies and commercial gaming agents - numerous providers without a valid license, i.e. illegally, are entering the German market.

Their offers often look confusingly similar to the websites of reputable providers. But be careful: in fact, game participants give with these providers only one bet on the outcome of the state draws and do not participate in a state lottery. Experts call them "black lottery bets", also black lotteries or second lotteries.

These providers do not pass on the tips or the gaming revenue to the state lottery companies, but rather operate in their own pockets. The participants in these black lottery bets therefore have on the part of the state lottery companies there is no guarantee that the winnings will be paid out. If you play with foreign providers, you have to sue for unpaid winnings abroad in the event of a dispute.

If you want to play with the original in Germany, you should not trust online offers unchecked. With the following checklist you can check the seriousness of the provider:

Checklist for serious online gambling in Germany


1. Imprint of the website

Does the website have an imprint? If the legally required imprint is missing on the website, you should be careful and leave the website. In Germany there is an obligation to publish an imprint so that the operator of a website can be clearly identified.

2. Where is the company headquarters?

You will find the company headquarters in the imprint. If the company is not based in Germany, it is probably not an offer that is approved in Germany.

3. White List of the gambling regulators of the countries

The German gaming supervisory authorities publish a list of all gaming providers approved in Germany. This white list is updated annually. Check whether the name of the provider is on this list.

Providers that are on the white list definitely have a gaming license in Germany and offer legal online gaming.

4. General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Do the terms and conditions contain formulations that describe that there is no participation in lotteries, but rather Betting on the outcome of state lotteries Tobe offered? Then it is not a serious lottery provider, but a black lottery bet. Formulation examples:

... the website enables players to place tips (bets) on the results of official and / or state lotteries ...

... this website enables game participants to participate in secondary lotteries, where tips are given on the outcome of the drawing of the following lotteries ...

... through complex hedging measures and insurance instruments, risk hedging or risk bonds on the capital market, the second lottery XY guarantees the payment of all jackpots ...

... Each player acknowledges that Second Lottery XY does not or cannot give any representations regarding the legality of the use of its services in the jurisdictions in which the player is resident or resident ...

5. Be careful with unknown seals of approval

Illegal providers of secondary lotteries or black lottery bets get quite creative when it comes to suggesting to you that the game offers are serious and safe. This also includes the use of unknown seals of approval for gambling providers. Use the preceding points to check the seriousness of the information and the imprint on the website of the respective testing organization.

6. Online advertising

According to the German advertising guidelines for public gambling, online advertising for gambling must always have one Addiction notice contain. This indicates that playing games is only permitted from the age of 18 and that gambling can be addictive.

If the advertising material also shows the jackpot amount or the amount of the highest prize class, the Winning probability of the highest winning class be stated on the advertising material. This information is often missing on the advertising material for secondary lotteries or black lottery bets.

7. Email advertising with manipulated sender addresses

Make sure that the domain of the email - i.e. the part after the @ sign - corresponds to the official website domain of a reputable lottery provider from the above-mentioned white list, e.g. B. … Black lottery betting providers try to manipulate the sender address so that it is suggested to you that the provider is reputable.

Example: …

8. International lotteries

Lotteries abroad such as Powerball or Cash4Life in the USA, El Gordo in Spain, Super Enalotto in Italy or Euromillions cannot be played with reputable providers in Germany. Participation in a game is often offered in the form of a second lottery (black lottery bets), but the dubious organizers do so no gaming license in Germany have. The offer to participate in black lottery bets does not lead to a gaming contract with the respective lottery company, but to a bet on the results of the draw.

If you play with foreign Internet providers, you have to sue for any winnings that have not been paid out abroad.


Gambling is a matter of trust!

If security is important to you, you should better legally play lotteries with a German license.

Use the gambling regulators' white list to find authorized lottery providers and to distinguish them from unauthorized black lottery betting offers. This list of providers with a valid German license is updated regularly.

White List of the gambling regulators of the countries

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