How much does a medical assistant earn

The salary as a medical-technical assistant

Gross salary as a medical-technical assistant

jobMedical-technical assistant (MTA)
Monthly gross salary2.424,28€
Annual gross salary29.091,36€
How much net?

Do you earn enough as a medical-technical assistant?

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03. Benefits

Medical-technical assistant - the most important facts

  • The medical-technical assistant (MTA for short) must primarily be able to work with medical-technical devices.
  • The areas of application in which an MTA performs their profession include clinics, specialist medical practices, laboratories, or in the medical technology industry.
  • The salary can vary depending on the size and location of the company.

Training as a medical-technical assistant

The work as a medical-technical assistant is a state-recognized and nationwide uniformly regulated profession. In contrast to many other professions, training allowances are not paid. The trainees can apply for BAföG.

The job as an MTA is largely taught in a school, with practical skills being acquired in various clinics. The training usually lasts three years. Those who already have certain previous qualifications can expect a shorter training period. Access guidelines are:

  • An intermediate level of education
  • an extended secondary school leaving certificate
  • or a secondary school leaving certificate with a two-year vocational training course

What income opportunities are available

As a medical-technical assistant in the public service, the salary is based on the collective agreement. The common income ratios in this occupational group are between 2,240.00 euros and 2480.00 euros gross

Depending on the size and location of the company, the salary as a medical-technical assistant can vary. Differences of up to 20 percent are usually possible between east and west.

Further training and additional qualifications are also possible

As a medical-technical assistant is far from over. In the course of their professional experience, most workers complete various additional qualifications that can significantly increase their salaries.

Up to a salary of 3,300 euros, the remuneration can be increased by acquiring various opportunities for advancement. Furthermore, the payment depends on the company in which the occupation as a medical-technical assistant is carried out.

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