What is the best badminton racket under 2500

Badminton rackets: tests & recommendations (05/21)

Our approach

Badminton is the most popular sport in the world after soccer. This racket sport is also one of the fastest, as shuttlecocks can reach speeds of up to 290km / h. For this top performance you need the right equipment and that includes a badminton racket. Depending on your needs and expectations, a specific type of club may be suitable for you.

With our big badminton racket test 2021 we want to help you to find the best badminton racket for you. We have compared top-heavy, head-heavy and balanced clubs with each other and listed the respective advantages and disadvantages. We want to make the purchase decision as easy as possible for you.

the essentials in brief

  • There are three different positions of the center of gravity, which distinguishes a badminton racket: top-heavy, head-heavy and balanced.
  • A top-heavy racket increases the ball's acceleration and improves penetration, making it suitable for an offensive style of play. On the other hand, a head-light racket stands for easy handling and enables quick movements with the racket head, which means that it is used for defensive play.
  • You should also pay attention to other factors such as dimensions, head shape, weight, racket flexibility, stringing options, grip strength and the grip tape in order to find your perfect badminton racket.

Badminton racket test: favorites of the editors

The best badminton racket for professionals

This badminton racket from Carlton is particularly suitable for ambitious and experienced badminton players. Because its isometric head shape allows the main strings to run parallel and thus increases the optimal point of impact of the ball.

The graphite frame material also improves the playing characteristics. The CFS Pwercap enables powerful overhead blows because it increases the flexibility of the shaft. The racket weighs 89 g and is 66.5 cm long.

The best badminton racket for beginners

The Talbot Torro Isoforce 211 is a light and robust racket with a good balance.

The Talbot Torro Isoforce 211 has a good balance and can therefore be used universally. A well-balanced racket combines the advantages of a head-heavy and head-heavy racket, which makes it particularly popular with beginners. Due to the possibility of using this racket for both offensive and defensive tactics, this racket is also suitable for advanced recreational players.

This badminton racket is very light with its 89 g. The frame with its flexible shaft is made of graphite. The Talbot Torro Isoforce 211 is delivered with a tension of 9 kg. The material of the racket reinforces the light weight and flexibility, which enables quick reactions and the strokes are more manageable. This gives it a good hardness for control and hardness of the strokes.

The best badminton racket set

This badminton racket set consists of two rackets, two grip straps, a racket bag and two shuttlecocks. Therefore it is particularly suitable for amateur badminton players. The racket shaft is made of carbon and improves the quality of the racket.

In addition, the clubs weigh only 86 g and are very robust. The isometric head increases stroke control and prevents deformation of the frame even after frequent use and strong hits.

Buying Guide: Questions to Consider Before Buying a Badminton Racket

What materials are used in a badminton racket?

The frame of the racket used to be made of aluminum. Nowadays, however, it is mostly made of graphite, carbon or titanium.

These materials are particularly light and flexible. However, the stability then suffers, as a result of which a club can break more easily because it is less deformable. The mix of Kevlar and carbon is a popular material to provide stability.

What does a badminton racket cost?

Depending on the different demands you have on your racket, the more different the costs for it can be.
Performance rangeprice
Beginnerapprox. 15-35 euros
Advancedapprox. 30-50 euros
Competitive playerapprox. 40-100 euros
Professional playersfrom approx. 70 euros

You can therefore spend from around 15 euros to over 180 euros.

Where can I buy a badminton racket?

You can definitely buy badminton rackets in shops with a range of sporting goods. Sometimes you can find some in the assortment in department stores or supermarkets. Badminton rackets are also offered online.

According to our research, most badminton rackets in Germany are currently sold through the following shops on the Internet:

  • amazon.de
  • ebay.de
  • Intersport
  • Lidl
  • Aldi
  • real

What are your demands on the badminton racket? What are your sporting goals?

In order to find a suitable badminton racket, you must first ask yourself what you want to achieve or how good you are already and where your sporting commitment will go. Many different characteristics of your badminton racket depend on this.