You can develop allergies to dogs

Dog allergy: symptoms, causes and treatment - info for allergy sufferers

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Not the dog hair, but a tissue protein is responsible for dog allergies (symbol picture). © Monique Wüstenhagen / picture alliance / dpa

Dog allergy: With the right treatment, symptoms can often be managed. Find out more about the causes and treatment options now!

  • A Dog allergy is through a certain protein in the Body fluids and Skin cells of the animal triggered.
  • With Medication can be acute symptoms to treat. In the long term, however, one is recommended Desensitization against the allergen.
  • Since the allergy-inducing protein should settle stubbornly on all kinds of surfaces Wash textiles regularly become. This is how the Allergen exposure significantly reduce in your own four walls.

Berlin - dogs are still among the favorite Pets of the Germans - however, just suffer six percent of the population under one Dog allergy. This is not, as is often assumed, an allergy to the hair of the animals, but rather a hypersensitivity of the immune system to certain Egg whites.

The allergy-causing proteins come from in the body fluids and skin cells Dogs before, but are also detectable in their excrement. The Allergens However, they also adhere to surfaces such as textiles or walls, whatever the allergic reaction makes it particularly long-lasting. With appropriate preparations, a Dog allergy possibly treated and the Symptoms are decisively alleviated.

Dog allergy: all about the causes and triggers

In saliva, urine, sweat and in the flakes of skin Dogs a certain allergen, Can f 1, can be detected. Allergy sufferers develop typical when in contact with this protein Allergy symptoms. According to the European Allergy Foundation(European Center for Allergy Research Foundation, ECARF), the 2003 by Jørgen Philip-Sørensen was founded, a dog allergy arises in two steps: First, the sensitization phase occurs, which often occurs when you first come into contact with you dog is initiated and can last from a few hours to several years. Once awareness is complete, specific lie antibody in the blood serum. Upon renewed contact with the Allergen Finally, the antibodies overreact, which activate the mast cells, release histamine and start inflammatory reactions.

Since the protein Can f 1 is a comparatively heavy protein, it is used in the Breathing air not transmitted as fast as, for example Pollen or Cat allergens. Nevertheless, it sometimes stubbornly sticks to various surfaces such as walls, floors or textiles. Correspondingly, the Dog allergy not only Dog owner herself, she also appears where a four-legged friend was recently present.

Dog allergy: recognizing symptoms and interpreting them correctly

The Symptoms one Dog allergy are extremely diverse. Typical signs of inhalation allergy include the following complaints:

  • to cough
  • Sneeze
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • fatigue
  • watery eyes
  • Difficulty breathing
  • general malaise
  • Swelling in the throat

Also dermatological Symptoms such as rash, redness, swelling, and itching are common. In extreme cases, allergy sufferers can even have one anaphylactic shock suffer that instantly from one doctor needs to be treated.

Dog hair allergy: who does it affect?

The Dog allergy usually develops in childhood. In fact, it has been shown that babies and toddlers who live with Dogs growing up, rarely one allergy develop than those without a pet. So the constant exposure can preventionserve.

Allergy sufferers are considering getting one dog Above all, buying should keep an eye on the breed. Basically, there is no special Allergy dogs because all four-legged friends produce the same protein allergens. Still wise short-haireddogs a higher one Allergy potential on. That's how it is Long-haired poodle for example one Chihuahua preferable. Proper hair care for your four-legged friend can also minimize the allergy potential.

Diagnosing and treating dog allergies

If there are any signs of a Dog allergy can a Allergy testat the doctor Create clarity. For this purpose, the blood is examined for antibodies as well as a quick one test carried out on allergens. Should be through the Allergen and Blood testthe suspected diagnosis can confirm with the treatment to be started. Dog owner or those with friends and family Dogs must be faced mostly on MedicationTo fall back on. Tablets containing cortisone and antihistamines are the best drugs of choice. However, it is important to ensure that the dosage is correct, otherwise it will become undesirable Side effects can come.

In addition, with a Dog allergy tried to get those affected through Desensitizationto get used to the allergen. Unfortunately, this form of immunization takes a few years - and a cure is not guaranteed. However, it is quite likely that the Allergy symptoms get weaker over time.

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