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What is gogo dance?

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Gogo dance

Gogo dance is intended to beautify an event. Gogo girls or gogo dancers appear in different costumes that match the respective event. The artists, who are mostly beautiful to look at, tend to appear at larger parties. Because they need lively music to dance, which is preferably played by a DJ. The normal gogo dance is 4 times 15-20 minutes spread over 3-4 hours. The performance should ideally be in an elevated position with adapted lighting so that the audience can clearly observe it. Unlike the erotic animation and strips, these artists are only meant to be looked at and have no physical contact with the audience. The performances of the artists can also be expanded with topless.

History of Gogo Dance!

The beginnings of dance come from Hollywood. The owner of the first rock club in Los Angeles had pre-dancers dance on a metal pole on pedestals for the first time in the mid-1960s. The club was called "Club Whiskey a Go Go" ("a gogo" comes from the French and means heaps of or in abundance). In the building there was previously a bank with a vault and behind the still existing old metal pipes, a female guest danced unabashedly at the opening of the club. This is probably where the club owner came up with the idea. The lead dancers spread quickly. The trend spilled over from America to Germany just three years later. The Hamburg Star Club hired the first go-go dancer.

What does a go-go dancer have to bring with him?

Great self-confidence in order to be able to dance in front of an audience and the appropriate external appearance are prerequisites here. You should also have a good sense of tact, a positive charisma and increased stamina. Most dancers often bring their own costumes for performances. However, it can happen that the cloakroom is provided by the party organizer.

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