Trump supporters are guilty of treason

Is Democracy at Risk in the US?

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A mob of angry Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, a president was banned from Twitter and while some long for Joe Biden, others refuse to acknowledge the victory. What does this mean for the US? Discuss with us!

The pictures went around the world: Angry supporters of the elected US President Donald Trump stormed, some armed, some with Confederate flags in hand, the Capitol, five people died in the protests. Strict security precautions were in place prior to the inauguration of his successor Joe Biden in Washington on Wednesday. Over 25,000 soldiers of the National Guard are supposed to ensure security. "The 46th US President takes office under the most difficult conditions," writes foreign policy editor Thomas Vieregge in the editorial. “But he and his team can be trusted to lead the country out of the crisis”.

Trump's sensational ban on social media shows how difficult the conditions are. The platform Twitter justified the step with the "risk of violence". The accusation: Trump had incited his supporters on the platform to storm the Capitol. The discussion that followed is interesting: "Not the Trump supporters, but theirs bitter opponents could not believe that Twitter was the judge of admissible or inadmissible contributions to opinion on the digital platform, ”summarizes media researcher Josef Trappel in a guest commentary together. He himself sees the intervention of the US company, which has long benefited from Trump, as justified.

On the other hand, Twitter says that it is only marginally about public morality Karl-Peter Schwarz in the column "Cross-written". He writes: “The US Democrats have long threatened to restrict the power of social media. That's a good reason to put the new president in a mild mood. "

Emotions often rule not only on Twitter, it was also the case when the Capitol was attacked. The interpretation of the events is different. For some it was a dangerous "coup attempt", for the publicist Peter Huemer despite everything "a relief". In a guest commentary, he explains why: “The end is just as pathetic as Donald Trump's entire presidency. But it's the end. "

The security expert Franz-Stefan Gady sees democracy in the United States in permanent danger in a guest post. To argue this, he looks far back in history and locates the problem in a worldview that makes America a utopian ideal. “This is not America,” Biden said after the incident at the Capitol. Gady countered this: "Uprisings and the Confederation were and are America."

Illuminated another aspect Anneliese Rohrer in the column "Cross-written". And he is positive: “You can do it, the Americans,” she writes - and explains how, in her opinion, two individuals (a committed Democrat and a Republican lawyer) became the saviors of US democracy. At the same time, Rohrer wonders whether the same courage can be expected in a similar political drama in Europe.

(Note: The discussion article is from January 12th and was updated on January 20th.)


Join the discussion: What will happen after Donald Trump in the divided United States? What remains of the presidency? What does your ending say about the state of US democracy? Do you have to worry about them? And if so, why?