What do teachers do in summer

What do teachers do in summer?

There are only a few vacation training courses. The reason: a lack of demand.

VIENNA. What do teachers actually do during the big holidays? Nine weeks of vacation? Or do they also continue their education in their free time, as required by the Ministry of Education?

In response to a “press” request, neither the Ministry of Education nor the trade union nor the city school council were able to provide precise information. This is because the data will only be systematically collected when the universities of teacher education are set up in autumn.

"Teachers use the summer for further training", announced the then Education Minister Gehrer in 2005. A quarter of the teachers would attend courses from the Pedagogical Institutes (PI) during the holidays.

Hardly any courses in summer

A report by the Court of Auditors (RH) from 2006 paints a different picture: only around a sixth of the courses fall in the summer months, and there almost exclusively in the first and last two weeks of vacation.

"We might have two registrations for a course in mid-July," explains Paul Kral, head of PI in Vienna. By contrast, 20 percent of Viennese teachers come to those at the beginning and end of the holiday.

As during the school year, most of the participants are compulsory school teachers who are legally obliged to continue their education. According to the compulsory school teacher unionist Walter Riegler, this is controlled by the superiors.

This is different at the federal schools (AHS, BMHS), where further training is only part of the “general official duties”: According to RH, one third of them undergo “moderate” training, another third not at all. The responsible union chairwoman Eva Scholik criticizes the numbers. After all, training also takes place outside the PIs.

("Die Presse", print edition, June 29, 2007)