What if Messi played for Spain instead

Is there a turning point in the Messi case? - A simple "Si" creates excitement

Barcelona - One word with two letters is enough to fuel speculation about the failure of Lionel Messi's transfer plans and to startle the football world again. On the way to a parking garage in Barcelona, ​​the noticeably annoyed father and manager of the six-time world footballer from FC Barcelona elicited a "Si" (German yes) and interpreted it accordingly.

Jorge Messi was asked by a reporter for the Spanish broadcaster "Cuatro" whether they would also consider the possibility of Messi staying for another year. The tight yes to it caused a stir. "The Messi case could take a 180-degree turn," wrote the Spanish sports newspaper immediately As in their live ticker. "Jorge Messi feeds the doubts," said Marca.

According to other media reports, a decision could be imminent. According to Mundo Deportivo and Sports Messi wanted to meet his father, who has also managed him since moving from Rosario to FC Barcelona 20 years ago, on Thursday to discuss the next steps and make a "final decision".

Messi wants to go

"At the moment it looks like he will stay, but all options remain open," wrote Mundo Deportivo and then informed in his live ticker that Messi's father had left the player's property in the coastal town of Castelldefels after around an hour and a half for Barcelona.

The problem: Messi wants to leave and that for free because he invokes a release clause in the contract, which means that he can terminate the contract unilaterally. However, this deadline has expired more than a month and a half. The club are referring to exactly this and do not want to let Messi go. Instead, "Barca" are said to have offered the 33-year-old Argentine an offer for an extension for another season until the end of June 2022.

A meeting between Jorge Messi and Barcelona club president Josep Maria Bartomeu on Wednesday had brought no rapprochement. "Very good," said Messi's father when asked how the meeting was. According to a sincere assessment of the 62-year-old, however, it did not sound.

City interested

While Messi's possible new clubs have been explored for days and Manchester City has become a top candidate with former Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola, Messi's departure may not turn out to be anything. Sporting low blows, including the devastating 2: 8 in the quarter-finals of the Champions League against FC Bayern and internal disagreements such as the relationship with club boss Bartomeu, have made Messi want to leave the Catalans. A long thought impossible idea.

Should he stay now because he is simply being denied this possibility? Unless the negotiated, fixed transfer fee of a crazy 700 million euros is paid, it should be an interesting upcoming season at Barcelona. Messi's dearest teammate and offensive partner Luis Suarez no longer has a future at FC Barcelona - his involvement with Juventus is said to be fixed.

And how good a Messi, who has always been the best and most successful so far, when he feels comfortable and has an environment around him that he had partly created for himself after the squabbles of the past days and weeks, will show . Especially since the new coach Ronald Koeman allegedly no longer wants to grant the South American the other concessions and privileges in the squad. Messi himself has been silent on everything since the dismantling by Bayern on August 14th. (APA, September 3, 2020)